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BMW art cars

BMW 3 Series racecar art car - Sandro Chia 1992

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"Paint me, paint me!" these are the words the surface of the BMW called to him, said Sandro Chia on his first meeting with the prototype of a 3 Series racing touring car.

So he painted faces and a sea of vivid colors until the bodywork of the car was completely covered." The automobile is a sought-after possession in society", reflected Chia when he had finished his work. "All eyes are upon it. People look closely at cars. This car reflects their gaze." The design of the 13th BMW Art Car was not Chia's first artistic adventure with an automobile: as a child, he drew graffiti on cars.

Source: BMW World

Sandro Chia - The Artist

Sandro Chia (born in Florence, 20 April 1946) is an Italian painter and sculptor. He was a key member of the I talian Transavanguardia movement, along with fellow countrymen Francesco Clemente, Mimmo Paladino, Nicola De Maria, and Enzo Cucchi. The movement was at its peak during the 1980s and was part of a wider movement of Neo-Expressionists painters around the world.

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