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BMW V12 LMR art car - Jenny Holzer 1999

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The American concept artist, Jenny Holzer, has covered the 15th Art Car, a BMW V12 LMR, with surprising messages - messages that she says "will probably never lose their relevance".

The expression of her concept is based on traditional features, colours and graphics of the racing car design. Chrome letters made of reflecting metal foil, outlined with phosphorescent colour, give the text an almost magic light effect. What is crucial for the perception of her word art is the context in which it is presented. "Protect me from what I want" - seen against the backdrop of the most spectacular car race in the world, with its battle for places and prestige, the word artist's plea for survival gains a whole new meaning. "You are so complex you don't respond to danger" - a provocation that could not have been put better when referring to the world of motor racing. Jenny Holzer's V12 LMR takes the BMW Art Car idea back to its roots: Le Mans.

Source: BMW World

Jenny Holzer - The Artist

Jenny Holzer (born 1950 in Gallipolis, Ohio) is an American conceptual artist. She attended Ohio University (in Athens, Ohio), Rhode Island School of Design, and the Independent Study Program at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Holzer was originally an abstract artist, focusing on painting and printmaking, but after moving to New York City in 1977, she began working with text as art.

The main focus of her work is the use of words and ideas in public space. Street posters are her favorite medium, and she also makes use of a variety of other media, including LED signs, plaques, benches, stickers, T-shirts, and the Internet. Her work has also been integrated into the work of Canadian contemporary dance troupe Holy Body Tattoo.

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