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BMW 535i art car - Matazo Kayama 1990

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In the design of the BMW 535i, Matazo Kayama wanted on the one hand to express his fascination with BMW technology and on the other evoke vivid associations with modern Japan.

He reverted to his earlier theme "Snow, Moon and Flowers", but painted it in a totally new way using an airbrush. To highlight the contrast and to emphasize the elegant quality of the car, Kayama sprayed fine blue shadows on parts of the silver bodywork and then used classical Japanese techniques in the second phase such as "Kirigane" (metal cutting) and "Arare" (foil impression). He cut out small pieces of silver, gold and aluminum foil individually and transferred them to the bodywork. 

The result: Kayama's Art Car does not just reflect timeless aesthetics but at the same time extraordinary elegance.

Source: BMW World

Matazo Kayama - The Artist

Matazo Kayama is one of the representative artists of Japanese painting today. The style consisting of fresh ideas, bold compositions and outstanding skills has been attracting so many art fans at home and abroad. His activities are highly appreciated and he was finally presented with an Order of Culture in 2003. This exhibition focuses on Kayama’s decorative motifs that repeatedly appear on his paintings such as waves, cracks, flowers, birds and nudes. Around 40 items of paintings, kimono, ceramics are displayed under the themes of “forms of nature” and “forms of life.”

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