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BMW 730i art car - Cesar Manrique 1990

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Cesar Manrique had a clear point of view on the design of the BMW 730i: in his eyes, the automobile s an indispensable feature of daily life; it greatly influences the way we see the world around us.

It's no surprise, then, that the artistic examination of the car suggested itself to him. When designing the car, Manrique particularly wanted to "combine the notions of speed and aerodynamics with the concept of aesthetic appeal in one object." And he succeeded: glowing colors and broad, sweeping strokes which blend into the outlines of the car are suggestive of effortless gliding and graceful movement.

Source: BMW World

Cesar Manrique - The Artist

Manrique grew up in the area of San Ginés lagoon. At age 23, he participated in his first exhibition in Arrecife. He attended University of La Laguna. In 1945, Manrique visited the art school San Fernando in Madrid for five years. With Nelson Rockefeller in 1964, he visited Houston and New York in the "Catherine Viviano" gallery.
Manrique visited and learned from famous persons including Rita Hayworth, King Hussein of Jordan, Helmut Kohl, Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González, Luis Ibáñez, Andy Warhol, Barbara Rosse and Alfredo Kraus.
Manrique had a major influence on the planning regulations in Lanzarote, when he recognised its tourist potential and lobbied successfully to encourage sympathetic development of tourism. One aspect of this is the lack of high rise hotels on the island. The many that are there are in keeping with the use of traditional colours in their exterior decoration.
Manrique was tragically killed in a car accident near the Fundación, his Lanzarote home in 1992. He was aged 73.

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