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BMW M3 art car - M.J. Nelson 1989

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After seven days of tireless work, the Australian artist, Michael Jagamara Nelson, transformed "his" black BMW M3 from the Motorsport section of BMW Australia into a masterpiece of Papunya art.

A draft whose geometric shapes appear deceptively abstract: those familiar with Australian mythology will recognize kangaroos or emus. Papunya paintings, like those of Michael Jagamara Nelson, can be understood as aerial views of landscapes. They feature diverse forms symbolizing water, caves, men and animals - and simultaneously embody religious myths ("dreamings") which have been handed down from one Aboriginal generation to the next in the form of rock and cave paintings for thousands of years.

Source: BMW World

M.J. Nelson - The Artist

Born around 1946 at Pikily west of Yuendemu, in Central Australia, aboriginal artist Michael Neslon Jagamara grew up in the bush and remembers hiding in fear at his first sight of white men at Mt Doreen station. He is a senior Warlpiri tribesman and custodian of many Dreaming stories. He believes it is his responsibility to preserve, in paint and print, the stories which can assist the teaching of others about his tradition and culture.

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