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New minds, new ideas, at G-POWER a constant process; every day. The reached aim, may it be even so good, is always an incentive for G-Power to search for something even better. This – also by BMW themselves – lived conviction makes G-Power a strong as a brand. Makes G-POWER a partner of customers seeking for fascination, enjoying (living?) their G-POWER BMW daily and get for themselves the motivation for the challenges of the day.

G-Power history

The 70's

G-Power started in the year of 1971 in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt as Esso-filling station. And remained it – despite of or just because of partly "keen" tuning projects - until 1989. Quasi as conservative insurance!

The founders, father and son Grommisch, had always been fascinated by BMW. Since this time the sympathy of G-POWER to "their" brand has been existing! Therefore, the small enterprise had been extended already in first year by an ESSO service center, a workshop and a showroom. This firm soon became a desired meeting point for the BMW fans in the closer and farer surroundings. 200 km's or more to reach us were no problem, since we had everything what the tuning sector - which itself was in the absolute starting phase - had to offer. That was pretty few in the free trade. But at us, there was always a solution. The term "impossible" was also in former times not the reply that the Grommisch guys wanted to present their customers!

And it is that way until today! A foundation pillar of today's G-POWER conception: „Never say never, try to fulfil the desires of your customers whereever possible“: This promise is still valid until today and once more in future! Lived, practised from the first hour. The name „G-POWER“ was invented only 10 years later.

Already one year later, G-Power took over with GS-Tuning, the first representation for selling/distributing tuning parts. Who still knows the brand from Freiburg today? G-Power hadn't been lucky with it – and proudly took over already 1973 the Rhein-/Main-representation of the automobile manufacturer ALPINA instead. They were successful with it for 10 years until the foundation of their own label G-POWER 1983. Despite this the brand know how is already existing 35 years since the commencements. Therefore, G-Power is one of the eldest BMW tuners.

The 80's

In 1979 G-POWER already started a career as equipper of racing cars in the aero- and engine parts area.

In 1980 then the first plastic parts for the legendary BMW 02. And a light-construction version of the G1.

In 1983 start of own label G-POWER – and as a matter of fact – abandonment of the ALPINA representation. We very much like to think back to this partnership!

In 1983, in the year of the foundation the 3 Series Sports Wagon with M3 4cyl. engine conversion 230 hp.

In 1984, cooperation partner KONI for the suspension development 02- and 03 types.

In 1985, G-POWER invents the DTM exhaust, the v-formation suspension.

In 1986, participation at a British exhaust manufacturer, start of production of own sport silencers.

In 1987, development and production of headers for 6-cyl. engines.

In 1988, extension of distribution to USA, Australia.

The 90's

In 1994, first compressor kit for BMW M3 3.0l with an output of 400 hp.

In 1995, compressor development to M50 6cyl. engine with 270hp.

In 1995 , 3series E30 with engine conversion to M3 3.0l, technology and compressor system to 415hp.

In 1998, 3series Convertible with 4.4l engine conversion and 315 hp output.

In 1998, large project M5 wide version - special production for a Russian customer.

In 1999, displacement engines V8 5.0l with 350 and 400 hp.

The 00's

In 2000, exhaust- and header production "made in Germany".

In 2000, worldwide complete car distribution of G-POWER G3 5.0SV8 Coupé .

In 2000, own racing team on G-POWER M3 in long distance cup and 24h Nürburgring.

In 2001, Tuner-Grandprix Hockenheim – class victory with Z3 M Coupe 450 hp / total 7. grade under 70 starters.

In 2001, first Wiesmann MF3 Roadster with compressor engine 400 hp.

In 2002, M3 heart transplant – M5 V8 5.0l with performance upgrade 460 hp.

In 2002, customized individual project: Z8 exclusive optic design & compressor power plant 500 hp.

In 2004, displacement engine V8, extension to 5.2l and 420 hp.

In 2004, M3 – Airboxsystem- special development of racing use.

In 2005, development of compressor V8 Valvetronic 5.2l and 550hp.

In 2005, exclusive-LM-Rad SIII PRO, limited individual production, wheel star milled from one piece and much more.

In 2005, company extension - house-own GFK production.

In 2005, AERO – Program HIGHLINE for all BMW models, the particular design.

In 2006, introduction of performance kit M5 / M6 V10 with 620 hp.

In 2007 Prototype HURRICANE, M5 5.0 V10 with ASA Bi-compressor, 730PS achieved in Nardo, Italy "only" 321 km / h.

2007 G-POWER and ASA, one of world`s most famous supercharger producer, decided both for their future close cooperation. 2 specialists looking for the challenges of the future!.

2008 Because of that G-POWER relocates with the whole company to Autenzell / Upper Bavaria, near Munich.

2008 World Record – The G-POWER M5 V10 HURRICANE RS with a top speed of 367.4 km/h is the fastest street legal BMW sedan in the world.

2008 Supercharger system and aerodynamic body kit for the BMW X5 E70.

2009 M5/M6 V10 Twin-Supercharged as HURRICANE RS Versions with 750 hp.

2009 M3 E90/E92/E93 V8 Supercharged with more than 600 hp.

2009 X5 E70 M Version will be presented by G-POWER with more than 600 hp.

...and the story continues!

Source: G-Power

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