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Today's high-performance engines - many of which have already been almost fully developed at the factory - call for tuners who can do more than just tweak them digitally. Indeed, chip tuning - a magic word in this day and age - is more of a taboo subject at HARTGE.

Anyone who doesn't know what engines go through under the hardest driving conditions or in a racing, simply tends to give the "power screw" another twist. At HARTGE, all engine components, as well as the drive train, chassis, bodywork and brakes, are tested on the bench and on the road before being approved for sale.

And this is backed by over 36 years' expertise in the field of high-performance engine building. All HARTGE tuning components are supplied with TUV approval and guarantee.

HARTGE has only one claim: perfection. In terms of both design and function. From the design and production of wheels, the finest dashboard elements or classic engine tuning, no matter what the HARTGE team does , the standard applied is always the customer's highest expectations. After all, many HARTGE customers are regular customers. And, in many cases, have been so for a quarter of a century or more.

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